Stefan Stöckle is a berlin based freelance creative and design director, specialized in creating channel identity, title sequences and motion graphics for television, advertising and other media appliances. After years of experience as editor, senior designer and flame artist at Sevensenses, Stefan became leading art director in 2005 of the Prosiebensat.1 design department in Berlin. Today he works for various clients and agencies, including the berlin based postproduction company Storz & Escherich.


Stefan has won several international awards for his work, including Promax Award, BDA International Design Award, Eyes & Ears of Europe Award, ABC Award (German Design Council), AutoVision International (Gold & Grand Prix), Annual Multimedia, LIA (London International Award), spotlight Award Bronze and IAC Award for Best Automobile Advertising Online.


BDA Gold Award, Promax Opener
BDA Europe Silver Award, Best Use Of Typography
BDA Bronze Award , Best Logo Design
BDA Platinium H.M., Best Movie Title Sequence
Promax Europe  Silver Award, Best Show Promotion
Promax Silver Award, Best Show Promotion


Auszeichnung, Best Info Design
Gold Award, Beste Vorspanngestaltung


Gold & Grand Prix Winner

LIA London International Award

LIA Silver Award


Bronze Award

Automotive Brand Contest (German Design Council)

Winner, Best Automotive Advertising Online